Pollywog patch body spray

Late game, be sure to target enemies over allies with the Storm Cloudthis will have more effect.
When I started playing HoN a month or two ago, the first thing I wanted to know was what items to get.
Late game use it on yourself for a huge damage increase.Late game you harry potter 5 pc game iso are a great csr game cheats for ipad support hero, fire off your ult early on in a team battle then your poison spray.Early/Mid: Steam Boots (Agility setting nullFire Blade 3x Soulscream Rings, slash.Buy wards and watch the runes on your side, use your bottle to take them.Be careful of enemy heroes ganking youtry killing only 1-2 creep waves at a time when needed then help your team gank for a short time then teleport back to lanes.Also your ultimate can take up to 2 people (at level 3) with you when you teleportthis is great for pushing.If they continue that direction youll get another 1-2 attacks.Keeper of the Forest items: Start: 1x Runes of the Blight 1x Healing Potion 2x Pretenders Crown Mid: Sustainer Steamboots Insanitarius OR Elder Parasite 2x Fortified Bracelet Late: Runed Axe Behemoths Heart Alchemists Bones skills:.At lvl 4 you may want to take stats since the damage and health will be needed.Pollywog Priest items: Start: Courier Runes of Blight Mana Potion Early: Bottle (have your courier bring it to you, be sure to grab runes) Enhanced Marchers Mid: Totem of Kuldra Storm Spirit Fortified Bracers (if you need more HP) Wards Late: Staff of the Master.
Wait until later in the game (lvl 15 or so) to get Hellbourne Zeal.Corrupted Disciple items: Start: Regen items like Runes of Blight and Mana Potion Courier?Strategy: Despite what you might think, Legionnaire does not do much physical DPS with his regular attack.9/23: Updated Scout guide to reflect massive changes in his skills 10/3: Updated Pandamonium new Legion Strength hero just added 11/9: Updated all new heroes Corrupted Disciple, Rampage, Sand Wraith, Vindicator, Witch Slayer.Snot Storm should come last, but can be very helpful to slow enemies when working with your team.Watste strategy: You are a nuker and want to be able to cast constantly.

Late game with his Ultimate Berserk, he can be very overpowered.
When you select your character, press Alt-Tab to switch windows back to here.

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